Serah Rono

Serah Rono serves as Code for Africa’s Developer Advocate, championing its software solutions and also serving as community coordinator, based in Kenya, working with its technical pan-African projects/programmes. She also serves as a web developer in Code For Africa, building web applications at CitizenLab accelerators, is the pan-african coordinator for Hacks/Hackers Africa and a data wrangler at ANCIR and for afriLEAKSCode for Africa (CfAfrica) is the continent’s largest open data initiative, using technology and data to help citizens shape their governments and hold those in power to account. CfAfrica currently has country-based programmes in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Charlie Martial Ngounou

As the Cameroon representative and expert for the International Association of French Speaking Mayors, he leads projects in various African countries in public finance systems. He is a passionate civil society activist, promoting governance, transparency, accountability, citizen participation and open government data through AfroLeadership, a civil society organization he founded in 2007 and that partners today with the International Budget Partnership (IBP), Open Knowledge International (OKI), School of Data, MySociety and various other organisations. He manages the Cameroon Open Budget, a flagship program of AfroLeadership aiming at building awareness and literacy in public finance and budget issues among citizens through Open Spending Cameroon, an open data platform for spendings and contracts in Cameroon. He is one of the three members of the Independent Accountability Committee (IAC) for the Global CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE). A graduate of the Université Internationale of Dakar, Senegal.

Willy Franck SOB

Franck is the President, Open Street Map Cameroon and is a seasoned expert geo-referenced information systems. He is currently the director for Africa of SOGEFI – SIG (French leader in geomatics engineering), experienced in developing innovative approaches for georeferenced data based on crowdsourcing. He leads teams for the design, mapping and production of cartographic data.

He is the project manager of GeoCommunal, a mapping tool to help decision making in the management and territorial planning of Cameroon municipalities. He is also very involved in CSOs work in Cameroon, as he advocates for the development of a Georeferenced Information System to locate Civil Society Organizations in Cameroon. A graduate of Ecole Superieure de Geomètres et Topographes (France), in Planning and Management of Land, he is the President of Open Street Map Cameroon, an affiliate in Cameroon of Open Street Map.

Jean Claude KRYOS

Project engineering Expert with technical background and expertise in Governance,   Decentralization, Local Development, Programs Management with proven capacity in providing advisory, technical advice/support and policy development services. Experienced with the United Nations Mission in Sudan, in  coordinating several programs from different sectors (Education, Health, Agriculture, and Governance); with strong  skills in strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation. A graduate of the Yaoundé University in demography, Catholic university of Lyon (France) in decentralization and local development and Sciences and Technologies University  of Lille 1 (France) in project engineering and international relations.

Idris Njutapvoui

A specialist in information for development, Idriss has developed expertise and competency in shaping communication strategies, management of multi-stakeholder events and management of media relations. He began a career as a professional journalist in 2005 and a web journalist later. He is renowned for his analysis and articles on topics related to environment, economic and finance. He works also with civil society organisations and medias to promote Open Data, Data journalism and related issues. A graduated with a master in business law and another master in international economic public law. He is a permanent financial investigative journalist for Agence Ecofin. Current delegate of the Bloomberg Media initiative for Africa, he is a consultant for the Worldbank in Cameroon and various other international organizations.

Simon Pierre Kisito

Pierre is a seasoned programmer  with experience in open source technologies as well as proprietary solutions.He has extensive expertise in virtualization and Database management systems . He is a graduate of the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaoundé, he is a consultant for various organisations and companies.

Bioule Benjamin

Benjamin is a renowned expert in Governance, information systems and communication. He is a permanent consultant for the EITI Cameroon Committee since its inception, as he writes and publishes reports on EITI Cameroon activities. He is the technical administrator behind EITI Cameroon,  and is working to its transformation to a large open data portail, aiming at publishing information about mining contracts, beneficial ownership, payments, laws, socio-economic impact, etc. Before moving to Cameroon where he leads a consultancy in information systems sector since 2002, he has been a consultant for IBM Global Services, Vivendi, BULL, France Telecom, to name a few. Benjamin is a graduated of Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne and is certified in many value added technologies.

With Support From:

Craig Hammer

Craig Hammer leads the World Bank Institute’s Global Media Development program, a partnership-driven initiative which focuses on information and media as drivers of good governance. A licensed attorney, his work at the World Bank has included strengthening laws, policies, and regulations to enhance the enabling environment for media and access to information, as well as collaborative approaches with media practitioners (journalists, editors, media owners/managers, students, developers, and more) to strengthen the role of media as a key driver of the global knowledge economy, and as a tech-enabled, institution of transparency and accountability.

Sandra Moscoso

By day, Sandra is the deputy program lead of the World Bank’s Global Media Development Programme, a partnership-driven initiative which focuses on information and media as drivers of social accountability and good governance. Sandra also launched and managed the World Bank’s Open Finances program, where she worked to open financial data, make it digestible, and supported the use of open data in development. She has worked on open data efforts in Kenya, Moldova, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and across Latin America. By night, Sandra works on local community efforts related to schools and education, active transportation, and open government. For this work, the Sunlight Foundation recognized Sandra as an Open Gov Champion. Prior to the World Bank, Sandra worked as a change management consultant for enterprise systems implementations. A graduate of James Madison University, Sandra lives in Washington, DC with her husband, two children, and the ‘village’ that makes every-day life possible.

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